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Which Insurance Myth Do You Believe?

New research reveals that 9 in 10 drivers believe at least one of these myths!

Watch Out For That Pedestrian!

IAM Roadsmart release their top tips to ensure we all remain safe during these dark nights.

EV Battery Life Expectancy…

…And how quickly they degrade.

Common Driving Misconceptions Revealed

How well do you know the law?

Government Urged To Impose EV Sales Quota

Campaigners call on Government to place 15% EV quota on car manufacturers.

Is 20 Still Plenty When It Comes To Saving Lives?

How have accident rates been impacted following the introduction of London’s 20mph zones.

The UK’s Favourite Car Journey Confectionary Revealed

See if your favourite sugar treat made the list!

Brits Spend Over Five And A Half Million Hours …

…Searching for their parked cars new data reveals!

Wales To Become Home To The UK’s First ‘Gigafactory’?

The Welsh government announce proposed plans to build a new factory developing green lithium-ion batteries that will primarily supply EVs.

The Perfect Age To Pass Your Driving Test Revealed

New data reveals the best and worst ages to get behind the wheel.

The Most Common Driving Offences Revealed.

Government data from the last decade reveals where motorists are breaking the law – and British drivers are getting worse.

Could In-Car Technology Be To Blame For Unchanged Death And Injury Rates?

UK government are set to launch an in-depth investigation into the impact that technology has on death and injury rates on the roads as accident rates plateau.

The UK Has The Second Safest Roads In Europe

New data reveals there are 28 deaths on the road per million people in Britain each year.

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