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Which Insurance Myth Do You Believe?

New research reveals that 9 in 10 drivers believe at least one of these myths!

Pothole-Related Breakdowns Sees Record Rise

UK’s roads look like ‘the surface of the moon’ as the number of pothole-related breakdowns increase three-fold.

Does Driving During A Weather Warning Affect Vehicle Insurance?

Bad weather won’t invalidate your insurance but being reckless will.

We Take A Look At Some Of The Best Family Cars

From hatchbacks to SUVs, finding a practical car for your growing family has never been more important.

‘Go Left’ Smart Motorway Safety Campaign

Highways England launch £5m campaign to improve safety on smart motorways.

Changes To The Drink-Drive Limit?

UK Government are advised to consider lowering the legal alcohol limit for England and Wales.

Are Children The Driving Force For Going Green?

Children want their parents to be more environmentally friendly new study finds.

Know Your Pedestrian Crossings

New research reveals that drivers don’t know when to stop for pedestrians at crossings.

1 in 5 Young Drivers Admit To ….

…..Video calling behind the wheel!

6 Tips To Managing Roadworks

We take a look at some top tips for dealing with road improvements

Life Sentences For Killer Drivers

From 2021 drivers who kill other road users will face harsher punishments under new legislation.

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