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Does Driving During A Weather Warning Affect Vehicle Insurance?

Bad weather won’t invalidate your insurance but being reckless will.

Electricity Generation from Tyres?

A new technology that could see tyres generate electricity whilst driving!

Government Proposes a new Graduated Licence Scheme

A new graduated licence system in the UK could impose various restrictions on new drivers!

Jaguar Land Rover accelerates Electrification in the UK!

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed plans to increase UK production of electrified vehicles!

Switching to Electric Cars with No Compromise?

Research has shown 1.5 million UK households could switch to EVs with no compromise!

AI to Diagnose Crash Victim’s Injuries?

Hyundai is developing an AI system to send details of crash victim’s injuries to the emergency services!

Could Parking on the Pavement be a thing of the past?

The House of Commons Transport Committee has recently launched an enquiry into pavement parking!

Airless tyres?

Yes you read that correctly, airless tyres may soon make punctures a thing of the past!

Nissan unveils a world first next-generation Driver Assistance System

Nissan have unveiled a world first in driver assistance technology, combining navigated highway driving with hands-off single-lane driving capabilities.

Highlights from The 2019 London Motor Show

Our highlights from the 2019 London Motor Show.

‘No age barrier to being a better driver’

Rally legend Paddy Hopkirk and son reach highest driving standard with IAM RoadSmart

Ultra Low Emission Zone - One Month On

One month on from the launch of the Ultra Low Emission Zone in Central London we look at the figures so far.

Reinventing a British Icon – The new Land Rover Defender

71 Years on the new generation of a British icon is just on the horizon!

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