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Which Insurance Myth Do You Believe?

New research reveals that 9 in 10 drivers believe at least one of these myths!

Geneva Motor Show 2020

Get the scoop on what to expect at one of the biggest motor shows in the world!

Parents, are you putting your child at risk?

New research reveals that as many as one in four parents are breaking the law by using the wrong kind of car seat.

Good News - Parking Fine Rules Have Changed

Fine about receiving parking fines? We didn’t think so, but there’s good news – parking fine rules have changed!

Alfa Romeo to celebrate 110 years of unparalleled history in 2020

On 24 June, 2020, Alfa Romeo will hit a new milestone: 110 years of technological innovations, sporting successes and memorable creations on four wheels.

Bargain hunter? When should you renew your car insurance?

New data reveals the best time for motorists to buy car insurance if they want to get the cheapest deals.

Renault set to launch new hybrid models

French manufacturer reveals their electrical powertrain plans for the Clio, Captur and Megane.

Don’t Be Caught Out By Yellow Box Junctions!

New research reveals drivers across the UK could face stricter fines for stopping in a yellow box junction!

Luxury Car Theft On The Rise!

The number of premium vehicles stolen has more than doubled in the last 5 years!

When Can We Expect To See Autonomous Vehicles On The Road

When will self-driving cars actually become a reality?

The Fight Against Keyless Car Thieves.

Manufacturers using motion sensor technology to block attacks in a bid to fight back against keyless car crimes.

UK’s Top Penalty Point Hotspots Revealed

New research reveals Britain worst drivers and the areas where the most penalty points were issued!

End Of The Road For The Handbrake?

Are manual handbrakes becoming a thing of the past?

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