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Is 20 Still Plenty When It Comes To Saving Lives?

How have accident rates been impacted following the introduction of London’s 20mph zones.

The Perfect Age To Pass Your Driving Test Revealed

New data reveals the best and worst ages to get behind the wheel.

Could In-Car Technology Be To Blame For Unchanged Death And Injury Rates?

UK government are set to launch an in-depth investigation into the impact that technology has on death and injury rates on the roads as accident rates plateau.

EVs To Get Green Number Plates

Drivers of eco-friendly vehicles will get green number plates, paving the way for incentive schemes encouraging drivers to make the switch to an electric vehicle.

M.O.T Extension Could See Over 1 Million Unroadworthy Vehicles Returning To The Roads

New data reveals over a million unsafe cars could return to the roads as lockdown begins to ease.

Parking On The Pavement A Thing Of The Past?

Government could soon introduce a ban on parking on pavements across the UK.

The Safety Of Smart Motorways Under Review

Smart motorways come under fire once again after new data reveals an increase in the number of deaths and near-miss incidents.

When Can We Expect To See Autonomous Vehicles On The Road

When will self-driving cars actually become a reality?