The best cars for rear seat passengers!

With another Bank Holiday upon us many people will be planning to travel away over the weekend. We take a look at the best cars for rear seat passenger comfort.

Often when buying a car either new or used motorists don’t consider the space on offer for rear-seat passengers but instead just focus on the front of the car. For those with families or carrying regular passengers it’s certainly something to consider ensuring there is adequate space as there’s nothing worse than trying to squeeze yourself into a tiny rear seat! 

Take a look at five cars we’ve selected for their spacious rear-seating below:

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             Skoda Superb – Well known in the Volkswagen Group for its interior space the Superb has room in the back for even the tallest passengers despite being based on the smaller VW Golf underneath! The long wheelbase and high-quality interior ensure it’s comfortable for all passengers with a good amount of legroom in the back.


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             Suzuki Celerio – While it may be a very small car you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the space in the back; while there aren’t many features or comforts in the back it is one of the few city cars that you’ll be able to squeeze six-foot adults into the rear seats!


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             Land Rover Discovery – Lots of room and lots of passengers! The Discovery offers 3 rows of seats with a maximum capacity of 7 people. The middle (second) row of seats provides ample leg room for adults with the back (third) row of seats in the boot space will likely only be suitable for children due to leg room. While not the most luxurious/comfortable the seating position is unique with each row of seats going backwards mounted higher.


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             Honda Jazz – Another smaller hatchback with a surprising amount of room inside; the Honda Jazz will also be suitable for taller adults in the back and is also notable for its “magic seats” that can fold down or upwards to allow for rear storage.

Best Cars for rear passengers Image5.jpg (928 KB)

             BMW 7 Series – A luxurious saloon with vast amounts of leg room in the back and more technology than most houses with back seat passengers having full control over infotainment functionality using removable tablets mounted to the back of the front seats. For that extra entertainment there’s also optional TV and Blu-Ray players for the back of the car.


Are there any cars that we have missed on the list you’d recommend for rear seat passengers?


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