Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Make sure you're driving comfortably.

When we’re driving from A – B, of course driving safely is top on the list for lessening the risk of a car accident. However, did you ever think your driving position could possibly be nearly or equally as significant on your body.

As we age, we have to admit to ourselves, we aren’t as flexible as we used to be. Therefore, this affects our overall posture, so could this be the reason why sometimes after a long journey, we find ourselves with pain and discomfort?

At CarCliq we discuss the best driving position to what is the most comfortable car to drive. So, are you sitting comfortably? Let’s begin.

What is the correct driving position for me?

We’ve got up to seven tips for you to try!

1.      Your seat height is incredibly important, this gives you full clarity of the road ahead of you, but also be mindful that there is plenty of head room above you as well. A good pointer is to make sure your hips are at least as high as your knees.

2.      Push your seat forward until you can push down the pedals with ease.

3.      If you’re lucky enough to have an adjustable seat – take FULL advantage of this! Make sure your thighs are supported without pressure around your knees – are you feeling better already?

4.      Get a good view of the angle of your back seat – if you see that it’s reclined too far, this will bend your neck too much to face forward. To fix this, simply adjust the lumbar support to where you feel it fills the arch of your back. If you’re experiencing lower back pain this could be the winner for you!

5.      An adjustable steering wheel is handy, ensure you can easily reach it but also so it’s not so high which it obstructs the view of anything important on the dashboard.

6.      The head restraint needs to be as high as the top of your head and as close to the rear of your head as possible. This will reduce the whiplash injuries.

7.      Even your seatbelt can be a significant component within this, so you need to put your seatbelt on and make sure it is adjusted correctly – tight with your lap belt over the pelvic region and the diagonal strap over the shoulder, no the neck.
If you’re pregnant, the lap belt needs to be placed flat on your thighs.

The most comfortable cars

Doing your research when it comes to the car-buying process is key, this ensures when the time comes to making your investment, it’s worth it in the long-term for your lifestyle and needs.

If you have an issue with getting in and out of your car, consider a higher seat positioning. In addition, look for a car which has a more upright seat, all of which can contribute to benefitting you if you suffer with lower back pain or if you are a taller driver.

Now if you truly are a sufferer when it comes to your back, it’s worthwhile looking for a model which includes lumbar support for the driving seat – the only bad thing about this is, you may have to pay extra for this.

Finally, shoulder pain or neck problems can be a problem when driving, however if it’s on the left side, it’s good to consider choosing a car that allows you to keep your arm in a neutral position without straining. In addition to this, an automatic is ideal for you.

The cars that have a reputation for comfort include:

·       Mercedes S-Class 

·       BMW 5 Series 

·       Skoda Superb 

·       Range Rover 

·       Citroen C3 

·       Peugeot 3008 

·       Honda Civic 


To conclude, driver comfort is becoming more and more of a priority for car manufacturers to master especially in the premium market with the increase of different technology emerging, such as seat memory or the materials used.

Make sure before you start your commute, correct your posture, be sure to change your seat to be at the correct height for you and most of all, ensure you’re sitting comfortably.

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