Best Cars on PCP Deals

PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) – a popular way of buying a new car.

Nowadays, finance deals are the most common way of buying a new car and out of the various types of car finance options available, the PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) is the most popular.
What is PCP?
This allows you to spread the cost of your car over a period. The process is you simply part with an initial down payment and a monthly cost to make a final agreement. This is like all other types of finance, however, with a PCP, you defer a repayment of part of the overall sum to the end of the agreement.
That means lower monthly bills, allowing you access to a more expensive car than you would otherwise be able to afford, but it does mean you’re faced with a large balloon payment at the end.
What’s so good about PCP?
The availability! Many manufacturers give you the opportunity to get into some of the best cars on the market. We have hand-picked the best models in various areas of the market and give you guidance towards the best PCP deals currently on offer.

The Small Car – Ford Fiesta
Just like many of the UK population, we favoured the Ford Fiesta due to the way it drives. It delivers a mixture of sharp handling, driver-comfort and a punchy performance.
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The Small Family Car – Volkswagen Golf
There’s a good reason why the Golf is so popular. Why do you ask? Simply because it puts in class-leading performances in several areas and is one of the best all-rounders there is possible to buy. In three words, we’d describe the Golf as desirable – practical – well-equipped.
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The Large Family Car – BMW 5 Series
The 5 series is a car that families would be satisfied with, its cabin has generous space to carry the whole family on your days out on the weekend and the high-quality materials will make you feel like a first-class passenger.
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The Small SUV – Renault Captur
Small SUV’s have been a buyer’s dream at the moment, as more models are being released, the popularity increases. The Captur we feel is the best on offer, due to its refreshing style and practicality that buyers of small SUVs yearn for.
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The Big SUV – Skoda Kodiaq
If you’re looking at expanding your family, the Kodiaq is something you’d definitely want. It’s got its looks and with a seven-seat cabin that is one of many impressive features, this car has, as well as its space and versatility.

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The Fun One – Mazda MX-5
This car contains a mixture of three elements that are extremely important to most car buyers. These being, great fun to drive, an astounding style and it's really affordable – what else could you ask for?
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The Estate Car – Mercedes E-Class Estate
When we’re looking at estate cars, its all about the boot – is it big enough to get lost in? Well, lucky for us, we have Mercedes’ E-Class Estate, which its space is cleverly packaged and has enough features to handle any situation the family throws at it.
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The Electric Car – Renault Zoe
Although many electric cars come with a big upfront cost, the Renault Zoe offers buyers an affordable foot into the EV market. You are able to lease the battery (the expensive part of the car) - rather than buying it outright. The Zoe overall is an enjoyable car to drive with a quiet cabin and smooth ride.
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To conclude, if you’re on the lookout for a brand-new car, check out the many finance options available to you and do your research.
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