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Are Children The Driving Force For Going Green?

Children want their parents to be more environmentally friendly new study finds.

Government Urged To Impose EV Sales Quota

Campaigners call on Government to place 15% EV quota on car manufacturers.

Electricity Generation from Tyres?

A new technology that could see tyres generate electricity whilst driving!

Jaguar Land Rover accelerates Electrification in the UK!

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed plans to increase UK production of electrified vehicles!

Switching to Electric Cars with No Compromise?

Research has shown 1.5 million UK households could switch to EVs with no compromise!


CarCliq’s Guide To Automotive Abbreviations

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BMW i3 Review

We take a look at the BMW i3; an ideal electric city car!

2019 Kia Soul EV Review

The latest generation of the Kia Soul which goes EV only for 2019!