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Which Insurance Myth Do You Believe?

New research reveals that 9 in 10 drivers believe at least one of these myths!

Government reveals £25 million scrappage scheme for London.

Government launches £25 million scrappage scheme, taking older cars and motorbikes off the streets of London in a bid to reduce CO2 pollution!

New Drivers Avoiding ‘Routine’ Driving Situations?

Research shows that newly qualified drivers are going miles out of their way just to avoid certain driving situations!

Learner drivers caught cheating on driving theory test is at an all-time high.

The number of learner drivers caught cheating on their driving theory test has tripled in the last 5 years!

Could sharing in-car footage cut young driver crash rates?

Young motorists are more inclined to drive safely with the knowledge that in-car footage could be shared with parents!

Night Time Driving Ban for Young Drivers?

Government licensing proposal could see new drivers banned from driving at night!

Over a Third-of-a-Million UK Drivers have had their Licences Revoked since 2014!

Shockingly more than 360,000 UK drivers have had licences taken away by the DVLA in the last six years due to medical conditions!

Ban on Hands-Free?

Could we see the end of hands-free mobile phone use while driving?

20’s Plenty?

Congestion Charge Zone to get a 20mph speed limit as of next year!

Competition Delaying EV Adoption?

Is competition between manufacturers delaying the wider adoption of electric vehicles?

Not so Smart Motorways?

New analysis by Highways England reveals the potential dangers of Smart Motorways!

Skoda adds Geofencing to its in-car tech!

For car-sharers Skoda adds Geofencing technology to help keep track of your car usage!

Councils receive Pothole Complaints every 46 Seconds!

New figures reveal that councils are being flooded with pothole complaints!

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