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Airless tyres?

Yes you read that correctly, airless tyres may soon make punctures a thing of the past!

Ford Boost Investment In Electric Cars By 2020

Chairman Bill Ford said he would have 40 hybrid and fully electric vehicles in his range by 2022.

Young Drivers To Be More Cautious

Young drivers not learning to avoid crashes with vulnerable road users quick enough.

Kia in Korea

Tim Goes To Kia!

New Driving Test Takes Off Today

It’s said to deliver ‘big safety benefits and save lives’ by including more real life situations and introducing new drivers to the latest technology.

70% Fail To Recognise Car Dash Symbols

We find it amazing how technology is advancing every day, but how many actually understand how to use it?

Government Introduce Emissions Standards Checker

Towns throughout the UK seek advice on blank air zones that might penalise drivers of older cars.

Polestar Reveal Product Range

The Swedish performance brand revealed its latest car and announced that there’s more to come.

Watch Out For That Pedestrian!

IAM Roadsmart release today (1st November 2017), it’s top tips to ensure we all remain safe during these dark nights.

Is Keyless Entry To Cars Safe?

With this first being produced in 1998 by Mercedes-Benz in the S-Class car series, is this still a great idea to continue into 2018 with?

Hyundai Release Brand New KONA

A family car equipped with the highest level of standard safety equipment a car has to offer.

Shell Buys Electric Vehicle Charging Company

In August, National Grid said there could potentially be 26 million electric vehicles on UK roads by 2050.

Renault Purchases Stake In Jedlix

Renault acquire a 25% stake in Jedlix and plan to launch a new smartphone app in partnership with them.

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