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The UK Has The Second Safest Roads In Europe

New data reveals there are 28 deaths on the road per million people in Britain each year.

Subaru Forester Takes Safety To The Next Level

Subaru Forester has been updated in time for winter with the addition of EyeSight, Subaru’s advanced driver assist technology, fitted as standard equipment.

#ProjectEDWARD Becoming A Reality

Please support #ProjectEDWARD by signing the pledge.

Brand New ŠKODA Karoq Set To Innovate The SUV Sector

Looking for the ultimate family car to get noticed in, check out ŠKODA’s newest addition to the family, the Karoq.

UK car buyers to benefit from toughest-ever emissions tests

Tests to give consumers greater confidence that new cars are not only the cleanest, but the most fuel efficient ever produced.

Does It Cost To Be Considerate?

None of us want to be in a situation where we are anxiously waiting for the police or an ambulance, but are we likely to be waiting longer as more drivers become aware of laws?

Compare The Best Scrappage and Trade-In Deals at CarCliq

Top manufacturers Ford, Vauxhall, BMW, MINI, Mercedes and Smart are offering customers up to £5,000 to trade in their old car for a cleaner model

GEM Motoring Assist Urge Drivers To Reflect On Their 'Oops Moments'

Road Safety Organisation GEM Motoring Assist want to encourage drivers to reflect on the dangerous moments they have experienced at the wheel, in order to reduce the risks they face on future road journeys.

Royal Mail Signs Agreement With Peugeot

Royal Mail has signed an agreement with Peugeot to purchase 100 zero-emission Partner L2 Electric vans, to be used for postal deliveries.

Britain To Ban Sale Of All Diesel And Petrol Vehicles From 2040

New diesel and petrol cars and vans will be banned in the UK from 2040, in a bid to tackle air pollution, the Government is set to announce.

New Figures Show Highway Code Falls Short On Stopping Distances

The current distances underestimate the time it takes for a driver to think and should be re-examined, according to a study conducted by charity, Brake.

New Guide Available For Drivers Taking Their Rental Or Leased Car Abroad

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) reminds holiday-makers who are taking a rented or leased vehicle abroad this summer, to seek permission from the organisation that owns the vehicle, prior to departure.

Just Days To Go Before The Epic SilverStone Classic Festival

This month’s Silverstone Classic Festival, taking place from 28th-30th July, is all set to further enhance the massive three-day extravaganza’s unrivalled status as the world’s biggest classic motor racing festival.

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