70% Fail To Recognise Car Dash Symbols

We find it amazing how technology is advancing every day, but how many actually understand how to use it?

In the UK, we live with the newest technology and always want to be seen with the latest gadgets like the iPhone 8 that has recently been released, overall spending billions of pounds a year.
However, you would think that if people are so willing to invest a huge amount into these inventions that they would know how to use all the functions and features that are accustomed to it? This is not the case. As with the average UK adult admitting to using less than 60% of the available settings on their gadgets regularly and almost one in ten using less than 10%.
Dacia produced a poll of 2,000 UK adults, producing the results that more than third named smartphones as the gadget with the most unused functions, on average using less than half of the settings available. When it comes to cars, they found that only two-thirds of Brits use the settings that are available and the same amount said they don’t understand all the symbols on their dashboard, with a tenth admitted they hardly know what any mean.
The car brand’s main ethos is that their vehicles offer exceptional value for money, whilst providing spacious, robust, high-quality vehicles of the original design that are affordable for everybody. Thus, it’s simplicity across its vehicles and why it performs as it says it does on the tin!
Louise O’Sullivan, Head of Dacia UK said: “At Dacia, we believe in providing everything you need and no more with a continued focus on good value – it’s the way we’ve always done things. Simple is smart, however, we also believe that if there’s a benefit to the user by adding technology, then it’s worth doing – provided it gets the balance right and remains useful, rather than paying for over-complicated add-ons that aren’t really required.”
Furthermore, we think that it’s astonishing how technology has moved along so quickly over the years, and how you think it can’t get any better? But inventors are only just getting started. However, we feel car manufacturers should look more into investing time into explaining and showcasing what their cars have to offer.
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