Reinventing a British Icon – The new Land Rover Defender

71 Years on the new generation of a British icon is just on the horizon!

71 years since the original Land Rover Defender was introduced the latest upcoming generation of this British icon is just on the horizon!

From the teaser images and camouflaged testing cars it has been said that it’s like a smaller Land Rover Discovery having very angular body lines but still retaining the same overall boxy shape of the original Defender. It will be interesting to see how the finer styling points and size of it compares to the current model line-up on launch of the production model.

LandRover Defender.jpg (1.26 MB)

Jaguar Land Rover have revealed that the new Defenders have so far completed 1.2 million kilometres during its testing (around ¾ of a million miles). Spread out across the world these camouflaged test cars have been testing in all conditions from the heat of the Middle East to the artic conditions in the North of Sweden and all purposes from city driving, to towing loads to off-roading.

So far the new Land Rover Defender has undergone testing at 22 locations around the world but this isn’t enough according to JLR; claiming that there are 45,000 different tests that it needs to undergo before it’s ready for production. Alongside the obvious tests like durability, economy, capability, strength, practicality we’re wondering what else is included on the list!

How would you put the new Land Rover Defender to the test?


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