Jaguar Land Rover Renewed Range

A huge investment brings a makeover and four new models.

Jaguar Land Rover has always been known to be a top player within the car manufacturer ranks for years, with well-known models such as the Range Rover Evoque or the first electric model the Range Rover PHEV.

So, as you can tell, Jaguar has certainly made a name for themselves in the industry – but they don’t just stop there… They are embarking on a huge project which has been backed by a huge investment. This involves Jaguar Land Rover renewing their entire range.
With this investment, how is this impacting JLR’s range?
JLR are pulling out all the stops for their loyal customers and hopefully reaching new customer segments with an expansion of its line-up of up to four new models, plus their plans of replacing every current model by 2024.

What model will first be renewed in JLR’s project?
The first model which has been announced to be having a brand-new makeover is the Range Rover Evoque – with this model it will include a highly economical plug-in hybrid version, paired up with a CO2 rating of just 45g/km.
The Evoque will sit on a heavily modified version of the current steel platform, however, all future models you will see have the same aluminium platform. This is known as MLA (Modular Longitudinal Architecture).

What is MLA?
As you know it stands for Modular Longitudinal Architecture, and this new rear and all-wheel-drive architecture will give cars the ability to be offered with petrol and diesel mild-hybrid engines, plug-in hybrid tech and a pure battery electric set-up.

The reason for MLA is because it’s lighter than the current JLR aluminium architecture, which is a huge advantage for the plug-in hybrids and furtherly it will incur more driver aids.
Why else is Jaguar Land Rover renovating their range?
JLR has acknowledged the environmental issue with diesel pollution we’re currently facing in the UK, therefore they’re introducing a new generation of Ingenium diesel engines. These convert up to 98% of NOx emissions into harmless gases and are much cleaner than new pollution regulations require.

We’re pleased to say these will be included in all new models and be powered by one of the three base Ingenium engines, and include a new three-pot unit and a new straight six.
Is that all we’re expecting from JLR investment?
Definitely not!

With this investment, they’re also improving connectivity. Therefore, all models will be connected to the web 24/7, with this it enables updated engine software to be automatically downloaded. Whilst also Jaguar Land Rover will be able to assess car performance and send owners information on unscheduled servicing.

In addition to this, you can expect a better driver experience in terms of comfort, as this is due to the new, stiffer body structure, with a more refined feel. Therefore, JLR have said this has allowed a 10% reduction in drag and wind noise due to improved aerodynamics.

Luggage space has also been a feature JLR have focused on, with it being enhanced by 10% - especially in the plug-in hybrid version because the battery packs are mounted under the floorpan ahead of the rear axle.

To conclude, we’re keen to see Jaguar Land Rover’s renewed range and their transition to more environmentally friendly diesel and more hybrid plug-in cars.

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