Strangest Dealer Questions

We take a look at some of the strangest customer questions dealers have received!

When looking at buying a new or used car and visiting dealerships, every car buyer will have countless questions and queries relating to their potential purchase to ensure they meet all their needs and requirements. Upon ordering a new car, buyers will also often have various requests during the configuration process trying to create their perfect car. However not all of these questions, queries and requests are as normal as you might think…

A recent survey of thousands of used car dealerships across the UK has revealed the often strange and, sometimes downright bizarre, questions and requests they have received from customers.

While the survey results show a common theme of buyers asking questions around price and payment terms, a list of the five weirdest questions asked by consumers before they decided upon buying a car can be seen below:

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Will a coffin fit in the back of a Ford Mondeo? – We’re not exactly sure why the buyer needed to know this but let’s hope they didn’t test it out!

 • Can I take my 80-year old wife for a test drive to scare her? – That’s certainly one way to get your other-half to agree to a new car!

 • Can I take the car home to see if my dog likes it? – An odd decision to take into account when buying a car; let’s hope they got a pawsitive response! 

 • Can I check the chassis number to see if it’s lucky? – While some people may be superstitious, we fail to see how the 17-digit alphanumerical VIN number of a car that’s predetermined on production could be lucky!

 • Would you take animals/property as payment? – We wonder what was on the table for the offer on this car! Perhaps a nice villa in a sunny country or maybe something with slightly less horsepower?

Alongside these, were a range of requests about in-car equipment such as “can you fit a tape deck?” or “can you make this left-hand drive?” and a plethora of customers were overly concerned about fitting sometimes odd possessions in the car; these included a tuba, a long bow and arrow and a double bass. One optimistic buyer was keen to find out if he could install his baby’s car seat on the rear shelf of a 2 seat mid-engine sports car! Other overly optimistic questions involved asking for delivery to far away locations including Australia or even if they can take the car away, and deferring payment on it for a number of months!

Have you overheard any odd questions while out car shopping? Let us know on our social media channels!

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