Advantages Of Buying From A Dealer

Are you interested in buying a car for yourself, but wouldn’t class yourself as an expert in the automotive industry? Then maybe, buying from a trusted dealer is the right option for you.

Here are some of the main advantages of buying from a dealer:

Better Selection Of Used Cars
A dealer can offer you a selection of vehicles, some you may not have even thought of or yet considered.

Extra Options
A dealer may be able to offer you an extended warranty to cover your car, GAP Insurance, Tyre Insurance, Paint Protection, or Service Plans.

A dealer will offer various competitive finance options including:

  • ‘Higher Purchase’ known as ‘HP’ 
  • ‘Personal Contract Plan’ known as ‘PCP’.
  • ‘Lease’ all available with flexible terms and deposits – subject to the status of course.

Part Exchange
The dealer could take your old car as part payment towards your new one.

  • Protection from purchasing a written off vehicle.
  • By buying off a dealer, the dealer must make aware to the seller any adverse insurance history logged against the vehicle and any outstanding finance.

When buying from a dealer, reputation is a key factor amongst the competition throughout different dealerships. Most car dealers are trying to offer the best customer service they can deliver, such as if you have a problem with a car as soon as you had bought it, the dealer would be able to give you guidance and the support you need. After all, the after-service is as important as the process of the customer buying the car. Whereas, if you were to buy a car from a private seller, it’s caveat emptor – buyer beware – you have no come back once you drive the car down the road.

More importantly than the above, due to Consumer Rights Act 2015 the buyer can reject a vehicle within 30 days of purchase if the vehicle is not of merchantable quality. The buyer also up to 6 months’ post-purchase to return to the dealership for any provable inherent defects at the time of sale. This obviously must be taken into perspective.

To conclude, take into account both the advantages and disadvantages of buying from a dealer and a private seller, and consider what option is best suited to you.

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