How To Avoid Using Your Phone Whilst Driving

It is illegal to hold and use your phone while driving.

We understand in this day and age, our mobile phones are something we cannot live without, we use them for work and pleasure but at times it's necessary to put them aside and focus on what is going on around you, especially when driving. Since March 2017, it has been illegal in the UK to hold and use your phone while driving and if you get caught, you will be given 6 points on your driver’s license along with a £200 fine as standard. If you are a new driver however and are caught using your mobile phone then you will lose your license and must retake your driving test.

In addition, if the police feel that the offence was so bad, they can take you to court and you could be given a maximum fine of £1,000 or £2,500 if you were driving a goods vehicle. You could also face a prison sentence too if a death has occurred, with the maximum sentence for death by dangerous driving increasing from 14 years to life imprisonment back in 2017, that's why we at CarCliq have put together some top tips on how you can avoid using your phone whilst driving.

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How to avoid your phone whilst driving?

· Take away temptation. You can do this by hiding your phone simply by putting it away in your glove compartment or in your bag.

· If you do suffer from the compulsion to text, go on social media or call, make it your priority to plan rest stops during your route. These rest stops need to be in a safe location where you can check your phone with the engine switched off.

· Before putting your phone away, if you are expecting a call or important message whilst you are commuting, make it clear to whoever it is that you’re going to be out of touch for a while, ensuring your focus is strictly on the road.

· Whilst you may be great a multi-tasking, it’s best to leave it out of your driving. If you do need to make a call or send an important email, you need to do it before you leave.

· Try turning your phone off completely or putting it in airplane mode, as this will stop your phone from receiving notifications.

· If you’re using smartphone connectivity or Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to listen to music during a journey, try making a playlist of all your favourite songs as this will ensure you aren’t using your phone to skip songs when driving.  

· Having a passenger in the car with you can be handy, assign them to be the in-car DJ or your PA for the day and get them to read out any messages or social media updates they think are worth knowing.

How can using my mobile phone affect my driving?

The first reason is distraction; driving and using your phone at the same time requires you to concentrate on two things at once, never mind if you think your multi-tasking skills are up to scratch. Our brains are not programmed to do this effectively.

Secondly, physical impairment. This is due to the fact you’re using one hand for the steering wheel, you need to use both hands to ensure you have full control over the vehicle.

Finally, visual impairment – when you glance down at your phone, this means you’re taking your visual focus off the road and directing it at your mobile screen.

It may be tempting to take a call or send a quick text - 23% of all drivers confess that they make or receive calls on a mobile phone while they are driving. There are serious punishments in place when it comes to using your mobile phone whilst driving and rightly so but these penalisations shouldn’t be the only things stopping you from carrying out this careless act. Think about your safety and others around you.

Are you guilty of using your phone while driving? Let us know if you used any of the advice mentioned and how you got on via our social media channels.

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