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The launch of the first generation of the Mercedes A-Class back in 1997 was the German manufacturer’s very first foray into the ‘compact’ car sector.

Since then the A-Class has evolved almost beyond recognition, and whilst the first and second generation versions had somewhat of the high-roofed people-carrier about them, the third generation, that went on sale in 2012, saw the model become lower, more streamlined, and most definitely a hatchback - although it still retained many of the very practical features that had previously distinguished it.

The third generation of the A-Class also saw the vehicle grow in length, meaning that in some respects it actually became more of as family car as a result, despite its much sportier looks. The combination of practicality along with eye-catching styling and the quality synonymous with the Mercedes name have made buying a used Mercedes A-Class an appealing proposition for many.

The latest, and fourth, generation of the A-Class hit the market in 2018, available both as a 5-door hatchback and as a 4-door saloon.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Mercedes A-Class

Positives that owners of a Mercedes A-Class report include the well-finished, stylish interior and surprisingly economical and efficient engines, particularly in the diesel models. However, on the downside they also sometimes comment on the ride quality not always being what is expected and also the level of noise being higher than anticipated too.

With this in mind, if you’re considering buying a second-hand A-Class, make sure that you take it for a proper test drive, not just on smooth roads around the town, but also on a higher speed route as well as some country roads that will give a true representation of the ride offered by the suspension as well as the noise level.

With the third and fourth generation A-Class models being longer and lower than the earlier versions, some A-Class owners also say that they do not like the lower driving position and find visibility out of the rear an issue too. Much of this will be down to personal preference though, of course. If you are used to driving an MPV you are certainly going to find it will take some time to adjust to the lower driving position offered by the later A-Class models.

Something else to bear in mind is that the boot and boot opening on the A-Class are both somewhat smaller than many other vehicles in the same class, so if you’re planning on carrying a baby buggy or anything bulky at all, then make sure that the boot will accommodate this.

If you’re considering buying a second hand Mercedes A Class then it could also be worth looking at some similar models from other manufacturers in the same class too. These include the BMW 1 Series as well as the Audi A3.

If you’ve decided on buying a Mercedes though, you might want to also check out the Mercedes CLA which shares the same platform and interior as the A-Class, but is a longer, sleeker four-door coupe that is also equipped with a larger boot.

Finally, for those looking to move away from conventionally powered vehicles and go electric, who are also prepared to compromise on size and interior space to some degree, another alternative worth looking at is the BMW i3

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