Is Keyless Entry To Cars Safe?

With this first being produced in 1998 by Mercedes-Benz in the S-Class car series, is this still a great idea to continue into 2018 with?

Drivers who own cars which have keyless entry systems are at risk of hackers who are using devices that can be purchased easily from Amazon and eBay to break into vehicles for just £80. As there are vehicles from a total of 30 manufacturers which could be unlocked and started using just this one simple hack.
What did ADAC find out?
A German company ADAC used radio transmitters to test which cars could, in fact, be broken into, with the results showing that premium brands like BMW, Audi, Ford, Land Rover or Volkswagen are amongst the many manufacturers whose cars are at risk from hackers.
A spokesman for ADAC said, “The radio connection between keys and car can easily be extended over 100 metres, regardless of whether the original key is, for example, at home or in the pocket of the owner.”
How does the device work?
These devices work in pairs, with one transmitter near the key fob and the other near the vehicle. The transmitters can work up to 100 metres away, meaning cars can be infiltrated whilst you’re driving.
How to avoid theft of your car?
Drivers can take away this worry and stress of thinking they’ll wake up and not find their car on their drive, by buying a Faraday cage. This piece of technology blocks the electronic signal and some key fobs also allow motorists to switch off the signal.
Vehicle data experts, CAP HPI, have shown recent reports that display a rise in the keyless entry in car theft.

Fernando Garcia, consumer director at HPI, said: “Car manufacturers take security seriously and issue software updates that can be performed by your local dealership, or in some cases wirelessly over the internet. It’s important to check if your car is subject to recall that will cover not only security but also safety upgrades.”
The advice we have for you is to invest in a Faraday cage, however, if you wish to not part with your money, then contacting your local dealership about software updates and the security features your car provides can give you the correct guidance.

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