What Happens After Passing My Driving Test?

Congrats, you’ve passed!

It’s a massive step forward into adulthood and overall independence when you first pass your driving test, so we could understand why you may feel nervous or anxious, and think what happens after passing my driving test?

However, there’s no need to panic! At CarCliq, we’ve cleared up some confusion you may be experiencing and have answered the most urgent questions. Whilst also giving you the necessary tips you need to make sure you’re 100% confident with driving independently.
“Can I drive straight away after passing my test?”
It’s great news, you can! Usually, after you’ve passed your test, your examiner will arrange for your provisional driving license photo card to be sent to the Driving Vehicle License Agency (DVLA). This is so it can be upgraded to a full driving license – how exciting!
Although we must warn you the process can be quite tedious as it can take up to three weeks, however, you don’t need to wait for it to arrive before you’re eligible to drive. The only legal requirements you need are for the car to be both taxed and insured, then you’re ready to conquer the roads. If you do find your driving license hasn’t arrived within those three weeks, you can contact the DVLA driving licensing enquiries on 0300 790 6801.

“How can I make any changes to my driving license?”
If you need to change your driving license details or the photo, you will have to apply for a full license yourself. You can change your photo at the same time if it’s valid for less than 2 years, but if it’s more than 2 years, you’ll have to renew it.
A note to remember is if you’re moving abroad, you can’t register your new address through the DVLA. Instead, you need to contact the driving license authority in the country you’re moving to.

“Do I need to display P plates?”
The purpose of P plates is to indicate to other motorists around you that you’re a recently new driver and therefore still getting your confidence on the road. If you feel P plates will make you feel less anxious, then we highly recommend in investing in some, as you can leave these on until you have more confidence and experience.
“Should I do the Pass Plus qualification?”
 If you want to expand your driving skills set, then we’d say a Pass Plus qualification is great as it gives you the opportunity to improve your skills in areas you may not have covered in your standard driving lessons such as driving at night time or in the countryside. A bonus is you could potentially save some £’s, as you’ll be pleased to know numerous insurance companies will offer lower premiums to new drivers with a Pass Plus qualification.

“What are the best first cars on the market?”
We all have dreams of cruising through with a brand-new Range Rover Sport or considering a flashy Mercedes A-Class. However, in this situation we should probably be more practical and money-smart, so looking at smaller cars which are amongst the lowest insurance groups and tax bands are your best bet. Other considerations to think about as well as whether you can afford the insurance, tax and running costs of the car like fuel and maintenance (MOT’s or other repair costs).
“Is black box car insurance worth it?”
This is a very popular option for new drivers because it can be the best way of receiving a discounted premium.

Due to statistics, newly-qualified drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident than experienced motorists. Therefore, having a device (black box) fitted to the car assesses your driving style such as braking and accelerating.

The idea behind it is that the better your driving, the better the discount you will receive, as the data is sent back to your insurance company and fed into a computer algorithm to register how “safe” you are.
“How do I tax my car?”
Car tax is a legal requirement for being able to drive a car in the UK, this can be done via the DVLA website and could be paid for monthly/annually depending on your preference.

The payment of your car tax will ultimately depend on your make and model of the car you buy, which is why we stress the importance of doing your research before you buy any car.

To conclude, we’ve laid down our best tips for new drivers:
  • Taking a trusted passenger with you like a family member or friend on your first couple of journeys can be a confidence booster, as you’re not alone and they would have some road experience themselves which they could share with you.
  • Leave plenty of time for your journeys, you don’t want to be rushing from A – B which could consequence in you making silly mistakes.
  • If you’re driving in unfamiliar roads, then you need to make sure you plan your route. This way you’ll have knowledge of any types of roads you may encounter and what you may be passing on your journey there, to give you a clear conscious that you are heading in the right direction.
  • If you become the designated driver in your friendship group, it can be great if you don’t let your concentration deteriorate and become influenced by our friends in doing dangerous or reckless driving. This could lead with you having an accident and having points on your license. Remember, once you have six points on your license it will be revoked, and you will be made to re-do your theory and practical tests again.

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