Five Things Your Car Does In The Summer

Don’t let the summer heat affect your car.

We’re all guilty of sometimes not giving our cars the tender love and care they deserve, especially during the summer months. We like to think of them as invincible and therefore capable of battling against the hot sun rays, busy traffic and humid conditions. Thankfully, the majority of modern cars can cater to this type of environment mainly due to the way they have been designed, performing some surprising tricks that only occur in the summertime. Here at CarCliq, we thought we'd share these tricks with you, that's why we've outlined the five things your car does in summer, below!
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Drips From Beneath:
If you found a puddle of water underneath your car when it’s stationary or you find as you drive you’re dripping water – don’t be alarmed!

The reason for this is your air conditioning (AC) system. Your AC performs like this in hot conditions, because condensed water is dripping from the evaporator and it's designed to be released this way. Not only does it cool water, but it also dehumidifies it too, therefore the water must leave the car somehow.
Smoke From The Air Vents
Noticing white smoke appearing from your air vents once you turn the key in the ignition? This may not look right, however don’t worry!

The cause of this is due to the car’s air conditioning unit working against the hot weather conditions, as the smoke is water vapour from the humid atmosphere. Whilst it passes through the AC system rapidly, it doesn’t have the time to transfer into water droplets – resulting in smoke.

To solve this, all you should do is simply keep the system running.
Roaring From The Engine Bay:
When in slow traffic, the last sound you want to hear is a roaring noise coming from the engine bay – you might find it comes and goes when stationary, however when on the move it’s fine.

The noise occurs because the engine cooling fan is cutting in and out, therefore the technology in the car cuts out at times to save fuel and then kicks in again when the engine water temperature is too high.

When you’re travelling, it doesn't make this noise because the transportation of air follows through the radiator grille, therefore your car will no longer need the support of the engine cooling fan.

Becomes Sticky:
When parking your car in the summer, we often go for shaded areas like underneath a tree. Despite the benefit of protecting yourself from entering a car microwave when you come to get in your car, this can put your car in a vulnerable position.

Sap from the trees can fall onto your car, harden and result with paint damage. Don’t panic! Our solution is to remove it with lots of water and a hot soapy shampoo solution.
Becomes Slower:
During the hot summer months, it can take a battering on our car’s performance, just like how we would feel walking around in the sun during the day.

It performs lethargically because the hot air is less dense, affecting your car's overall performance and its fuel economy somewhat.

We hope that by sharing these tricks and advice with you, gives you an insight into some of the things your car does in summer and leaves you with peace of mind. However, if you do still feel uneasy, it can be worth getting it checked out by your trusted garage.

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