Driving tips for Bonfire Night

We take a look at how you can stay safe this Guy Fawkes Night!

“Remember remember the 5th of November….” that can only mean one thing: Bonfire Night is here. With many people taking to the road to travel to their local firework display tomorrow night or perhaps at the weekend, we take a look at some top tips to keep drivers and pedestrians safe this firework season.  

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Despite weather reports suggesting that it’s going to be a cool, dry night tomorrow, we all know how unpredictable British weather can be so dress accordingly. Firework displays tend to involve a lot of standing around in cold, muddy fields so we would advise to wear a pair of wellies but be sure to change out of these when driving! We would also advise taking a pair of gloves with you, especially when handling sparklers and be sure to have some water to hand to put these out.


If you’re attending a local firework display, we would advise walking if you’re able to do so, that way you won’t get caught up in the traffic and won’t be struggling to find a parking space either! Wearing light coloured or hi-vis clothing will make you more visible to motorists who may struggle to see you in the dark. If you’re driving, planning ahead is key. Establishing a suitable place to park, as well as having a back-up plan because let’s face it, you might not be the only ones who decide to park there, beforehand will avoid any last minute rushing to make the show on time.

Pay Attention

When travelling by car, remain alert as there will be lots of pedestrians, especially families with children about, and staying vigilant will help you to react accordingly when it comes to the unpredictability of children. If you happen to miss the fireworks or they’ve already started whilst you’re out on the road, find a safe place to pull over or wait until you get to the event but do not take your eyes off the road trying to watch them.


Bonfire Night is supposed to a fun event for all the family, but spare a thought for your furry family members as well as the local wildlife. Never leave pets in a vehicle near a firework display as this could create unnecessary stress and anxiety which in turn could cause them to injure themselves or damage your car. With plenty of fireworks going off, creating a safe and quiet place for your pet at home will help settle them and reduce any stress or anxiety that this may cause. With this in mind, drivers should be alert, particularly around housing estates and rural areas, as pets or wildlife may have escaped or run out into the road out of fear. 


If you happen to be buying fireworks, then ensure that you have a spark resistant container with a lid to put them in. Placing them securely in the boot of the vehicle will remove any temptation for passengers to interfere with them whilst you’re driving. Be sure to remove anything flammable from in your car and find a safe place to temporarily store it at home. While UK laws state that consumers cannot buy more than 50kg’s of fireworks, most insurance companies allow you to transport fireworks but be sure to check your provider’s terms and conditions as they may vary.

Whatever your plans are for Bonfire Night, remember to stay alert and be aware of any distracted children, pedestrians or spooked animals but above all else stay safe.

Will you be putting these tips into use when you’re out on Bonfire Night? Let us know on our social media channels!

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