New Tesla Supercharger can give 1000 Miles of charge per hour!

Tesla has unveiled a new third-generation version of its Supercharger system boasting some impressive statistics!

The electric car firm’s V3 Supercharger system is built on an entirely new architecture, with a 1MW power cabinet that can charge at up to 250kW per car!

Tesla estimates the increase in charging speed will cut the amount of time customers spend charging their cars in half; allowing their latest Model 3 to recover 75 miles of charge in five minutes and charge at rates of up to 1000 miles per hour. Tesla has also developed a new feature to help reduce charging times for Model 3 owners. Called “On-Route Battery Charging” the system begins to heat the batteries when navigating to a Supercharger station, to ensure they are at optimal charging temperature on arrival.

TeslaV3.jpg (528 KB)

Through using the battery pre-heating system and the V3 Superchargers, Tesla estimates that a typical charging time at one of the units will drop to 15 minutes; a far more convenient delay to your journey than with other EVs!

The V3 charging system will initially be available for only the Model 3 that’s still to be launched in the UK. Tesla have said software upgrades are due in the near future to increase charging speeds for Model S and Model X and that the first V3 Supercharger sites in Europe are due in the final quarter of the year.



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