Volkswagen Scirocco 2018

Desirable – sleek – sporty driving experience

This version of the Scirocco has originally launched 10 years ago and was based upon the well-known Golf. With variables considered to be the same, such as the same quality and composed drive you get from a GTI, however, the slight difference being its increased level of practicality you wouldn’t usually get in a saloon.

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In terms of rivals, the Scirocco goes up against the likes of the Audi TT or the three-door Golf GTI. In addition to these two iconic cars, the BMW 2 Series is another coupe striving for competition, along with other sportier options like your Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86. Both models differ from the Scirocco, as they offer rear-drive handling characteristics and a sportier feel, although what it lacks is the VW’s practicality.

Design – Interior – Technology
The design behind the Volkswagen Scirocco 2018 was crafted by the finest chief of design, Walter de Silva.

The exterior of the car was not greatly changed; however, this means you get a coupe which is predominately more a compact hatchback, rather than a sports car. Nevertheless, the wide grille, bulging rear wheel arches and narrowing windows give the Scirocco the edge. The lights and bumpers have been fitted with LED tail-lamps (which is the standard for the rest of the range), and VW has added new headlights and the front bumper takes styling inspiration from the Golf GTI.


On the other hand, the interior doesn’t quite fit the bill and match the exterior’s distinctive looks. The build quality is solid, but the dashboard seems to be inspired by the Eos coupe-cabrio’s, a very old-fashioned look which is where the Volkswagen Scirocco truly shows its age. The kit is decent, leather seats on the R-Line and R trim models and two-zone climate control, which is available on all models except the base cars (these get manual air-con).

The standard of the equipment is very strong, as every Scirocco receives a Bluetooth system, with DAB radio, alloy wheels and an air-conditioned glovebox. If you go with the base model, we’re sorry to say you don’t get the touchscreen sat-nav – this is a £750 option. If you choose to go for a higher trim, like the R and R-Line, you receive 19-inch wheels as standard, however the extra ‘bits and bobs’ like keyless entry or cruise control, Volkswagen force you to pay for these.  

Engine Options
With up to seven models of the Scirocco range to choose from, you’re definitely spoilt for choice, but you also have six engine choices; these including the entry-level 1.4 petrol to the outrageous 276bhp Scirocco R, matched with amazing diesel options in-between.

From the petrol options, you have four options that range from 123bhp up to 276bhp and the diesels put out 148 or 182bhp. All models are generously given four-cylinder turbocharged powertrains and are front-wheel-drive with either a manual or twin-clutch automated gearbox.
Driving Experience
When driving the Volkswagen Scirocco, you’ll notice how elegantly it glides on the road and remains in control, but in comparison to the Audi TT or BMW 2 Series, it’s not as thrilling to drive. We’d say 10 years ago, the Scirocco would have won amongst its competitors for the driving experience, however, the best-in-class now, must be the SEAT Leon SC due to its impressive composure.

With the standard adaptive dampers installed into the car, the ride isn’t overly firm if you stick to the “comfort” setting. However, if you were to upgrade to the 19-inch wheels, you find the VW Scirocco cannot cope as well over poor surfaces, whereas we’d say the latest generation of the Golf handles and rides much better. 
If you’re a thrill seeker we’d say the top-spec R models offer the best experience for you, as it’s supplied with a 276bhp turbocharged engine!  

Space and Practicality
With the Scirocco being a coupe, you’d expect it to be like a two-seater, however, you could carry three passengers. The only thing we’d say is that the roofline is quite low and they’re shallow windows, so if you’ve got claustrophobia, we’d stay clear of being a passenger in this car.

The visibility in the Volkswagen Scirocco 2018 isn’t fantastic either, due to the fixed rear headrests and letterbox-shaped rear screen, although you have the trusty rear parking sensors which come as standard.

Overall, the Volkswagen Scirocco 2018 has given us a bold exterior and a strong range of engine options for you to choose from. However, what lets down this model, is its aged interior and practicality issues.

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