The Jaguar I-Pace

Believed to be the best all-electric SUV of 2018!

Jaguar has had a long reign of producing the most high-quality and luxurious vehicles, such as the Jaguar XE, the most advanced sports saloon of their range or the Jaguar F-Type, the thrilling sports car. However, this year Jaguar have bought us the ultimate electric performance SUV – the I-Pace.
During the development of the Jaguar I-Pace, a lot of hard work was put into this car including over 1.5 million miles being driven in prototypes across the world to ensure this electric SUV was up to Jaguar’s high expectations. Due to the high standard, it has been produced at, we’d say that the model defines a new segment within the car industry – luxury electric SUVs.

What does the Jaguar I-Pace drive like?
To start the I-Pace, you should find the starter button to the left of the centre console – bringing this beast to life! Like any other electric car, this model speeds off without any noise up to 30mph.

It weighs approximately 2.2 tonnes, and with 20-inch or 22-inch alloy wheels available this will consequence with a sudden thud if you hit a pothole in the road – although to soften this, the ride settles at speed with the air suspension on higher spec cars (as for the rest of the range, there are regular steel springs fitted).

To set the I-Pace in front of its competitors in the EV (electric vehicle) pack, the steering and solid body control is second-to-none and although it is a 2.2-tonne SUV, you wouldn’t believe it with how it drives around twisting and tight/technical roads. When you turn into a corner at speed, the car remains flat whilst its mechanics work out which axle can take advantage of all the torque available.

Underneath the bonnet…
Due to it being an EV, it is powered by a 90kWh lithium-ion battery. This allows two electric motors to function, and currently, this is the only size available for this SUV.

With this power brings you 396bhp and 696Nm of torque, and the speed behind this is simply breath-taking, as Jaguar tells us that it’s quicker than 4.8 seconds to get from 0 – 62mph. Due to the absence of noise from the engine, Jaguar has given you a synthetic soundtrack which you can adjust to your desire, from “calm” to “dynamic” – therefore, when you’re hitting 70mph on the motorway you’ll be able to feel the sense of speed.
Charging times
When topping up your Jaguar I-Pace, a 40-minute charge from a 100kw charger will provide you with almost 240 miles of range, however, the downside to this is the UK do not currently have a 100kw charger. Therefore, you will have to use a 50kw charger (there are approximately 3,178 in the UK right now), which takes a total of 85 minutes to provide you with the same range.

On the bright side, the I-Pace has a great feature which allows you to keep your battery topped up with regenerative braking – this means when you lift off the throttle, the car will slow down until it comes to a complete and natural stop. 
What makes this feature so great, is how the driver is aware of when and where to apply the throttle – conditioning you to have a more efficient driving style.

The exterior of the Jaguar I-Pace is unbelievable, with its proportional built body – looking muscular in its stance and unique to other competitors on the road. Although, this may incur a problem for Jaguar, as it will age their other models in its showrooms by a decade. The size of the I-Pace is 4,682mm long, 1,895 wide and 1,565mm tall – this means it’s slightly smaller than its nearest rival the Tesla Model X, although, the I-Pace does have a longer wheelbase of 2,990mm – giving you the bonus of more space for your passengers inside.

When you get to see the interior of the I-Pace, you’ll see your surroundings might feel a bit familiar. This is because, in the top-spec First Edition models, the cabin is granted with a leather, polished wood finishes and aluminium. Although the battery cells are located underneath the driver’s floor – the position is excellent, and Jaguar has allowed lots of room for adjustment in both the seat and steering wheel.
Jaguar I-PACE Interior.jpg (265 KB)
The dashboard is lavished with the Jag’s latest Touch Pro Duo infotainment system – this consists of a 10-inch touchscreen and a small five-inch display on the centre console. This looks slick and is easy to use – what more can you ask for? There are many layers of menus and submenus, but it’s very straightforward to find what you’re looking for when adjusting some of the car’s settings.

In terms of space in the I-Pace, we’d say you’re given a fair amount, especially in the back as your feet are swept neatly underneath the front seat. Due to there being no transmission tunnel, this grants every passenger more headroom – allowing 3 people to sit in the rear, however, it could still be a bit tight. Furthermore, the boot is 656 litres, and when dropping the rear bench this allows you 1,453 litres more – just a slight difference from the Audi Q5.

To conclude, Jaguar will be providing their standard three-year/unlimited mileage warranty, although the battery is slightly different and to your benefit is covered by a more helpful eight-year/100,000-mile warranty. We’d say this SUV is quite pricey depending on what trim you want, but for the quality and performance the I-Pace provides, we’d say it’s worth the value.

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