New SEAT Ibiza 2018

Low running costs – sharp handling – solid build quality

In today’s car industry, superminis are obliterating the market for new car sales – especially SEAT’s new addition to its Ibiza range. Although it is against the likes of the classic Ford Fiesta or the Mazda2 and third-generation MINI, this new fifth generation of the Ibiza may actually give these models a run for their money.

What are the new SEAT Ibiza trims? You are spoilt for choice! You have six to choose from – S, SE, SE Technology, SE Design, FR and Xcellence.
  • Entry-level vehicles receive 15in wheels, height adjustable driver’s seat, Bluetooth connectivity and hill hold control as standard, along with a monochrome 5.0in infotainment system.
  • If you do decide to upgrade to the SE, you’ll find 15in alloys, a leather-clad steering wheel and gear level, and a colour infotainment system.
  • SE Technology trim; it includes a SEAT’s 8.0in touchscreen infotainment system – this is complete with a sat nav and a CD player and ambient interior lighting.
  • SE Design models get an upgrade to 16in alloy wheels, tinted rear windows, chrome exterior trim, a panoramic sunroof and a 300W Beats Audio system.
  • The FR is dedicated to those who want the “sporty” feel in the car, as it adds smartphone integration, 17in alloy wheels, gloss black exterior trim, a twin exhaust system, sports seats and suspension, DAB radio, cruise control and a SEAT’s driving modes controller.
  • Now here’s the range topper – the Xcellence! This will give you more convenience, as it includes rear parking sensors, dual-zone climate control, keyless entry and ignition and a rear-view camera.
How does the new SEAT Ibiza drive? We are pleased to say the drive in this car is impeccable. As the supermini competition is tight, many manufacturers have focused especially on driver comfort and how it handles on the road. The SEAT Ibiza certainly passes this test.

It pulls eagerly from low revs and to your surprise, the Ibiza can build up speed briskly if you allow the revs to build. The 113bhp version of the 1.0-litre turbocharged engine is punchier still, although not by enough to meet its premium pricing. If you are looking for a city run-around car, then the entry-level 74bhp engine is better suited to you, as this specific engine type makes do without a turbocharger, so, therefore, needs to be thrashed if you’re in a hurry.
However, if you’re one to enjoy the thrills of the road, you will want to consider the 148bhp 1.5-litre petrol, as this really shows off the performance of the car. It brings all the great characteristics of an engine to the table – it’s strong low down, so it feels brilliantly flexible, has a punchy mid-range and loves to be revved hard.

In terms of handling on the road, the Ibiza couldn’t get better! We feel it’s rather composed in the way it drives. Although we do have to give the Fiesta its props as it does lean slightly less through tight twists and turns, the Ibiza gives this hatchback a run for its money. Its steering is fantastic as it works well both in busy public places and at faster speeds too. Whilst it is also light enough to perform standard town manoeuvres.
If driver comfort is your top priority when it comes to looking for a car – the SEAT Ibiza is for you. It’s more comfortable than most of its competitors that are seen as above them, as they smooth over minor imperfections cleverly, in comparison to a Ford Fiesta or Skoda Fabia and is more settled on the motorway too.
What is the new SEAT Ibiza design and styling like? In comparison to the last generation, it was slimmer in terms of its stance, however, it has been replaced by an 87mm increase in width and the platform includes an additional 60mm of wheelbase length too.
Its enhanced size is not the only positive when it comes to the Ibiza’s new body structure, in fact, its stiffer by around 1/3 compared with the old PQ25 platform; although there is no reduction in weight, it’s still a pleasant trim weight at 1047kg.
Is the new SEAT Ibiza interior appealing to the eye? We can agree that the interior is aesthetically-pleasing to the eye, as you can tell the styling has been inherited by the current VW Group gene.
Practicality springs to mind when we look at this cabin, as there is a perfect holder for your phone, as well as accessible charging ports, whilst also including adequately spacious door bins.

We feel that this new cabin has been given a mature makeover, as although the cheap plastic hasn’t been taken out of the equation – it’s been masked with either the appearance of soft-touch cladding or the use of matte finishes.
In terms of tech in the car, you won’t complain. If you’re looking at the SE Technology trim, in the middle you’ll find a luxurious-looking touchscreen and the SEAT’s Media System Plus is a recognisable evolution of the modular infotainment technology the VW Group bundles with MQB platform.

To conclude, we feel the new SEAT Ibiza is worth the money, although its interior lets it down slightly with its cheap plastic. However, it makes up for it in terms of how spacious the car is and how it has evolved into a modernised, mature vehicle with great handling and driver comfort.
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