Most Dangerous Day For UK Drivers

Leading in-vehicle CCTV company cites Saturday, July 22nd as 'Black Saturday' in the UK - the day that you're most likely to have a car accident, due to traffic congestion and a large volume of holiday-makers on the roads.

The most dangerous time to be on Britain's roads this year is Saturday, July 22nd, according to new research from VisionTrack - Britain's leading in-vehicle CCTV company.

Known as 'Black Saturday' - the likelihood for collisions intensifies due to the combination of increased travel volumes, as a result of the start of the Summer School holidays, and the vast amount of people travelling on the roads to reach their holiday destinations.

According to studies, more vehicle collisions occur throughout July and August in the UK, than any other months of the year - with approximately 2,300 accidents in July and 2,150 in August. This is in stark contrast to approximately 1,580 occurring in January and 1,540 in February.

VisionTrack Managing Director Simon Marsh said: “We are asking motorists to take extra special care when starting out on their Summer holidays. The most common cause of road collisions is not poor road conditions or your car, it’s bad driving. The Summer months have the highest number of road collisions and Saturday, July 22nd is likely to provide the perfect storm for poor driving conditions."

“It will be the first day of the Summer holidays for many families and there will be extremely large numbers of motorists taking to the roads. Cars will be packed full of children and luggage, which means that drivers will be more stressed and distracted than usual, as they make their way to airports and holiday destinations. As a result, this day is expected to have the highest number of incidents for the whole of the year."

Sales of VisionTrack dashcams have risen by 40% in the last two years as increasing numbers of fleet managers and private motorists have turned to vehicle CCTV systems to provide video evidence of who is at fault in the event of a road smash.


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