Jeep to Sponsor New Adventure Series

Jeep hits the big screen.

Would you consider yourself a “TV junkie”? Well, we must admit that we are too. Especially now that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Jeep on the big screen. Why you ask? Because, today they have confirmed a sponsorship deal with Channel 4.

Why did this agreement occur? Jeep felt the link between the adventure series and their customer base would resonate well with their target customer base, with the inspired result being for potential Jeep customers who wish to push themselves to new limits and challenges in a car that can get them where they wish to be.

So, when do we expect to see Jeep? Channel 4’s “Adventures on 4” has a selection of programmes aired, in which the agreement made includes showcasing Jeep’s latest models before, during and after popular TV shows, such as Hunted, Treasure Island With Berry Grylls and Going Native.

We’ve got a secret to spill as well, the first car we can expect to see is the new Jeep Renegade – this SUV was the first one to feature a transmission with more than eight gears! The reason for Jeep’s careful selection of this particular model, was due to its urban style and essence which they felt fitted well with shows like the Hunted.

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In addition to the manufacturer’s well-suited characteristics it physically possesses, both of the brands also mesh together seamlessly as said by Andrew Tracey, Marketing Director, Jeep UK: “Jeep is the original adventure brand, so this sponsorship agreement is a perfect fit for us… Channel 4’s Adventures on 4 shows are hugely popular, just like Jeep, and we are sure that this sponsorship will help to bring many more adventurous people into the Jeep family.”

We agree with Tracey in this statement, due to Jeep’s credentials being “Go Anywhere, Do Anything”.

Rupinder Downie, Partnership Controller, Channel 4 says: “The programmes in the “Adventures on 4” strand couldn’t be better suited to Jeep’s bold spirit, so we’re delighted that Jeep has chosen to work with Channel 4 on this exciting sponsorship.”

To conclude, we couldn’t agree more that this partnership should bring interesting numbers for Jeep by hitting the right target audience but also being placed on the UK’s second largest commercial TV network.

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