Why You Should Fix Body Damage Straight Away!

We take a look at why you should fix minor body damage straight away on your car!

With accidents and mishaps an ever-present hazard with driving, there will be occasions where damage is done to your vehicle. Where minor bodywork damage is caused like dents or large scratches/scrapes, most drivers may choose to ignore them or put off repairing them for longer periods of time, thinking it isn’t a top priority to fix or doesn’t matter. Not only is delaying repairs a safety risk but the longer you wait the more expensive it gets and could even lead to an MOT failure!

Take a look at the points below to find out more:

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• Safety – Safety is always a top priority out on the road but what you may not realise is that even small dents can hide underlying structural or serious damage that isn’t apparent on the surface. For instance, what appears to be a dented plastic bumper could have damaged the metal crash bar underneath that's designed to absorb impacts and protect important components. Or what appears to be a dented quarter panel could lead to tyre rubbing/punctures/blowouts and doors not opening/closing correctly. Some minor damage can even lead to MOT failures, so it’s worth getting your car inspected to find out!

• Paint Damage & Rust – With any dent, scratch or scrape there will be damage to the paintwork, even if it’s just cracked. If left over time; weather conditions, everyday wear & tear and even washing your car can cause these cracks in the paint to get larger or areas of paint to flake or peel off. If the damage is severe enough with the bare metal exposed, then it’s a lot more serious with it only a matter of time before rust sets in - especially in the winter months.

• Appearance – Many drivers take pride in their cars, but damage can make your car look older, uncared for and neglected. So, if you do care about looks, then be sure to get it assessed and repaired by a professional as soon as possible!

• Cost – It’s often cheaper to repair minor damage soon after it occurs than putting it off and waiting for paint damage to spread, rust to appear, or more underlying damage to be caused. As well as this, if you are thinking about selling your car in the future, any damage will lower the value of it and leave prospective buyers thinking the car has been neglected and wondering if anything else is wrong with it. So, while you may not want to spend money on fixing minor damage straight away, it may save you in the long term!

Would you get minor body damage fixed straight away or choose to leave it? Let us know your opinions on our social media channels!

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