Motorway Exits You Don’t Want To Miss!

Did you know that driving past some slip roads can lead to a 36-mile detour?

As a motorist one of the most frustrating things you can experience on the road is accidentally driving past the slip road you need to take on the motorway. However, drivers who miss any of the exits listed below will be more than annoyed - they'll be left banging their heads against the steering wheel when they realise the cost of the mistake they've made, both in monetary terms and time wasted!

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A new piece of research has identified the longest detours caused by missing a motorway exit because there's no feasible place to turn around for miles. Take a look at the list below to find out which top 10 slip roads to look out for:

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The worst-case scenario in the list is failing to turn off the westbound M26 at junction 2A in Kent where motorists have to drive a staggering 18 miles along the motorway before the first opportunity to turn around! In fact, the first chance to turn back isn't until junction 6 on the M25, which the M26 has turned into by this time. The 36-mile detour to the M26 turn-off takes 31 minutes and costs a driver around £3 in wasted fuel.

All 10 painfully frustrating missed exits in our list require a minimum of a 19-mile detour to get back on track, wasting at least 19 minutes of your journey and over £1.90 of fuel.


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