Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

Struggling to find a present or something as a stocking filler?

It’s almost our favourite time of the year and we are counting the days to come – we know the run-up to this festive day can be stressful; from putting up the tree and lights, to finding the perfect present for your loved ones. So, sit back and relax, if you're looking for something to buy the car-lover in your life, let us help.

We’ve searched high and low for the perfect gifts for today’s motorist. Here are our top 10 certain to make your gift their favourite this year.
1. For that somebody who’s always wanted a Ferrari… this is close enough right?
2. Do you have a friend who can’t keep their head out of a book? This Porsche book discusses what led to the creation of one of the most iconic brands in automotive history.
3. Perfect for those who are particularly articulate, check out Amy Shore’s car photography prints.
4. An extreme coffee-lover or just enjoys a good cup of tea – this personalised Formula 1 mug is perfect for the caffeine junkie!
5. For the gentlemen who are into cars, who knows it's all about the tiny details, these speedometer cufflinks are just that. 
6. If you know someone who loves to look pretty in pink, then maybe this Halford’s pink steering wheel cover will be just the right match.
7. An office chair to make your desk a bit sportier. The Porsche office chair RS is an original as featured in the current Porsche 911... 
8. Know a Ferrari fan? Why not get tickets to the Design Museum’s Ferrari: Under the Skin exhibition in London? It’s a sure winner this Christmas.
9. A compulsive car cleaner is sure to be thanking you for this gift set – an Autoglym Bodywork and Wheels collection!
10. Last, but not least – for someone who enjoys the thrills, get your loved one or friend on a Supercar Driving Experience!
So, we hope we’ve either led you to grabbing a few more presents or at least in the right direction of getting the right one.
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