A Car Detox For A New Year

You may feel your body needs a detox, but so does your car.

For the first month of this new year, we all have the same idea that it’s the perfect time for a personal detox after stuffing our faces during the Christmas period. However, have you ever thought about your car needs one too?  

With the extreme weather, we faced last month with snow, ice and rain, it all can have a major effect on our cars. Although, through some elbow grease and a bit of work, we can revive your motor!
Hose down the underside
As previously mentioned with the icy and snowy conditions faced, the road salt can over time attack your car. To reduce and prevent damage, simply use a hosepipe to remove the majority of it.
Vacuum the interior
The interior needs some tender love and care, so giving it a proper vacuum will get rid of bitty debris and lift away ingrained dust and grime too.
Change the oil
Oil is the main man when it comes to making sure your engine can work efficiently, as it keeps it lubricated. Over time, it can degrade, so reduce its effectiveness. By changing your oil, it will make your engine, smoother and boost its longevity.
Go for a long motorway run
By taking your car for frequent short journeys during the winter, cold-start running can clog up even modern engines. To solve this issue, it’s best to take your car on the motorway to clear out all the toxins and allow the engine to breath more clearly – making it overall run smoothly.
Run the air con
Most people would consider the air con as not a necessity in winter, although that isn’t the case. A build of stale air can occur: refresh the interior by having the windows down for a few minutes each week to gradually get rid of the smell.
Cleaning the interior with antibacterial wipes
As we are constantly holding the steering wheel and touch many other parts of the car interior as well, this means germs can build up over time. The best way to get rid of these is to wipe over all the interior with antibacterial wipes.
Clean and polish the exterior
Giving your car a clean isn’t the job you look forward to especially in the cold winter months, but it does make a huge difference in terms of protecting your car from all the things that could attack it. Polishing your car will also act as a protecting agent too.
Clean out the rubbish
Check all major compartments of your car for rubbish; from gloveboxes – door pockets – cupholders – footwells, etc. This will allow your car a fresh start to the year.
Clean the inside of the windows
A lot of grime can build up on the inside of car windows, so take a few minutes just to wipe them.
To conclude, if you can see through just these simple steps, this can allow your car to be fresh for the new year.
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