The All New Mazda 6 2013

Great looks and performs phenomenally too.

Those of us who like new cars want them to look as good as they drive. It’s true you know. Come on, don’t tell me you’d be happy to buy the automobile equivalent of a ‘pig in a wig’?  Nope, you just wouldn’t splash the cash – no matter how many cubic centimetres, valves and horses danced under the bonnet. No worries then, with the 2013 Mazda6.
It’s a great looker – and one that performs very well. But forget all that for a moment – and just look at it.

Take it in – yep, you’d agree – it’s a fine looking car and one you’d probably want your company to put on this year’s fleet. Seriously, I’d be proud to have a 6 sitting on my drive – it’s a really sleek number – particularly in Saloon guise. The Mazda 6, fresh as a daisy. So, why am I banging on about a Japanese motor that seems to have been around for ages?
Well, this one is totally new. It’s not revised – it’s fresh as a daisy, and judging from the press launch in Scotland I attended for CarCliq, Mazda is very excited indeed about its re-born baby. And so it should be. You see, the Mazda6 does actually drive as well as it looks – and it gets you everywhere in supreme comfort, with just the right amount of shove when it’s needed.
This goes for the entire engine range. Inside, the cockpit is designed to make driving as enjoyable as possible. Everything is exactly where it should be: even the repositioned A-pillars, moved rearwards by a full 100mm relative to the previous model, contribute to a hassle-free experience by widening your field of view.
So, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty - the Mazda6, now in its third generation – is the first mass-production Mazda model to be equipped with i-ELOOP, the Japanese company’s unique brake energy regeneration system. Fitted as standard to the majority of models sold in the UK, this technology can boost the economy by up to 10 percent, depending on driving conditions.
i-ELOOP joins the innovative ‘i-stop’ idle-stop system and positions the Mazda6 as the benchmark for fuel economy and CO2. In fact, with average fuel economy as high as 67.3mpg and emissions as low as 108g/km – without any surrender in terms of performance, the Mazda6 is the new class leader.
The Asian car maker’s range of powertrains includes two petrol engines and two types of diesel mated to six-speed automatic or manual transmissions. Petrol engines include the 2.0-litre 145ps and the 2.0-litre 165ps, both producing 210Nm at 4,000rpm. Diesel engines include the 2.2-litre 150ps, producing 380Nm at 1,800rpm to 2,600rpm and the 2.2-litre 175ps producing 420Nm at 2,000rpm.
Enough of under the hood; what’s the Mazda6’s body like? Well, it offers first class impact protection, thanks to impact-absorbing structures to keep you from having an engine in your lap should you have a major smash.
But to help you avoid accidents in the first place, the 6 features an assortment of active safety gadgets, such as radar-based Rear Vehicle Monitoring; Smart City Brake Support and Mazda’s Lane Departure Warning System. Even when a crash is inescapable, reactive safety technologies work to lessen its severity for you, your passengers and pedestrians – and even the vehicle itself.
Your passengers will also appreciate the relaxing ambience in the cabin, which features market-leading passenger space on the Saloon models, accompanied by the latest infotainment technology, including an 11-speaker BOSE® surround sound audio system, available on Sports models.
I won’t go on anymore – just swing into a local Mazda dealership and take a test drive of the new-fangled Mazda6 for yourself. You’ll be impressed - and tempted further when you see the range of new colours. Soul Red Metallic, Blue Reflex Mica, Meteor Grey Mica and Jet Black Mica also debut on the 2013 Mazda 6. Whichever colour, whichever engine and whether it’s a Saloon or an Estate – the Mazda6 will be a car you’ll not want rid of for many years – or at least until your company tells you it’s time to change. Yep, it’s a family car and a business motor rolled into one – and all for a very reasonable cost.
Prices for petrol models start at £19,595 for the 2.0-litre 145ps Saloon SE, rising to £24,865 for the 2.0-litre 165ps Tourer Sports Nav.
Diesel variants start at £21,795 for the 2.2-litre 150ps Saloon SE through to £28,045 for the 2.2-litre 175ps Tourer Sports Nav Auto.
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