New Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

A new episode in the progress of the four door, four seater sports car opens with the 2nd generation Panamera, led by the world’s first plug-in hybrid in the class.

Since its launch of the Porsche marque into the executive saloon segment.  Now, a new episode in the progress of the four-door, four-seater sports car opens with the second generation Panamera, led by the world’s first plug-in hybrid in the class
The pioneering S E-Hybrid offers a collective power of 416 hp and extends further the span of sportiness and comfort that characterises the model line.  The 2013 Panamera underscores its exceptional positioning with a more communicative exterior design language denoted by tighter lines, more prominent contours and newly shaped body elements. Taken as a whole, the car is more efficient, athletic, comfortable and pleasing to the eye.
The S E-Hybrid is an advanced development of the proven Porsche parallel full hybrid, with a more commanding electric motor, a higher-performance battery that supplies more energy and the ability to be recharged externally from the electrical grid.

The electric drive produces 95 hp, which is more than double the power of the former model’s 47 hp electric motor. It draws energy from a new lithium-ion battery, which at 9.4 kWh has over five times the 1.7 kWh energy capacity of the previous battery technology.

When connected to an industrial outlet, it can be charged within two and a half hours via the integrated on-board charger and the standard Porsche Universal Charger. It can also be charged in less than four hours when hooked-up to a conventional household electrical socket. With its increased output, the Panamera S E-Hybrid far exceeds the driving performance of the outgoing car. Into the bargain, the fuel economy has increased by 56 percent to 91 mpg, which equates to emissions of 71 g/km CO2.

What's more, the all-electric driving performance has been considerably improved with regard to electric acceleration, the electric range and electric top speed. An intensive unadulterated electric driving experience is possible without any fuel consumption or local emissions, which is especially to your advantage in urban situations.

The electric driving range of the Panamera S E-Hybrid is officially 22 miles but in the real-world, the limit may vary. A realistic all-electric driving range in everyday operation would lie somewhere between 11-22 miles – and under particularly favourable conditions it could go beyond this.

The Panamera S E-Hybrid can reach speeds of up to 84 mph in all-electric operation whilst the zero to 62 mph time has been shortened by half a second to 5.5 seconds. The car’s overall top speed is 168 mph, aided by a superb eight-speed Tiptronic S transmission. 

The new Porsche Panamera will arrive in UK Porsche Centres from July. If you’re lucky enough to be one of the first to own one, you’ll be able to explore the potential of your new car, and further develop your own skills behind the wheel, by participating in a complimentary course at the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone. 

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