New Audi RS 4 2018

The latest member of the Audi’s RS line-up is here in the UK.

The newest Audi RS 4 is exactly the capable cross-country machine you would imagine, with only the loss of two cylinders. This doesn't impact the car’s overall performance, making this a practical model with its strong points.
What’s it like to drive?
Audi has replaced the two cylinders with two turbos, resulting in an increase in fuel economy – officially manages 32.1mpg! This new model goes from 0-62mph in 4.1 seconds, with the top speed being capped at 155mph, unless you’re feeling extra generous and want to give Audi another £1450 to have it extended to 174mph.
There’s a subtle lag when you pin the throttle, but from 2,000rpm onwards the punch and responsiveness of that new six-cylinder unit are almost ruthless, and it’ll keep heaping power to the all-wheel-drive system all the way to the 7,000rpm redline. Even in its Comfort drive mode the RS 4 picks up the pace without breaking a sweat and does so with a ride quality that’s barely any less supple than a regular A4.
When you put it into Dynamic it comes along with a sharper throttle response, while the gearbox holds gears for longer. It comes as a given that paddles on the steering wheel are present and accounted for if you really want the maximum level of involvement. 

Let’s talk about the fine exterior…
The 19-inch wheels are standard, and it comes with two other options. Those being either the 20 inches in silver or black, wearing 275/30 Continentals front and rear, or the other option being the Carbon Edition and a set of 20-inch, gloss-milled aluminium wheels.
Pictures do not do this new model justice, as its arches give out an extra 24mm in width – in comparison with the original A4 Avant this sits 30mm lower. Also, the giant oval exhaust outlets manage to make the model appear lower as well as wider.
With its wide-arched shape, Audi reckons it gathers inspiration from the Audi 90 IMSA GTO, although this wouldn't be the first model you’d choose to compare to the look of the RS 4.
The interior
Its cabin fit and finish is something that cannot be knocked, and its use of aluminium and Alcantara trim helps give the RS 4 a polished look. However, it’s not on the level of the A8, due to it not having the latest-spec, but it is for sure one of the nicest cabins going.
When sitting behind the wheel, it has a well-established digital Virtual Cockpit TFT instrument panel, with additional RS-specific displays available for the driver. Including boost pressure, tyre pressure, power and torque output and a G meter.
For driver-convenience, Audi has installed a useful ‘head-up’ display onto the windscreen. Whilst including the usual vehicle speed and sat-nav instructions and lap timer (if you’re feeling speedy), it also includes an oil temperature readout which is quite beneficial.
As its Audi tradition, in the front you have plush, hug-you-in bolstered, quilted sports seats. It’s available in a differentiated range of cushion plumpness for the honeycomb-stitched leather.

What is the UK price of the RS 4?
This model is like the two-door Audi RS5 coupe with it currently starting at £62,900 – as it has increased from £61,625 to now £62,175 from January this year.
For the Carbon Edition, it stands at £72,175 as it includes various option packs, and with the name suggested it includes plenty of CFRP (carbon fibre-reinforced plastic) – with details including the front spoiler, sills diffuser, mirrors and interior trim.
The overall verdict of Audi’s new model is, if you still need a family-friendly car, but still want to enjoy the thrills of the road – the RS 4 is perfect for you.
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