Royal Mail Signs Agreement With Peugeot

Royal Mail has signed an agreement with Peugeot to purchase 100 zero-emission Partner L2 Electric vans, to be used for postal deliveries.

“With electric vehicles firmly on the agenda this week, there couldn’t be a better time to announce this landmark deal with the Royal Mail”, says PSA Group Fleet Director Martin Gurney.

“The order was won after Royal Mail carried out extensive trials with the Partner Electric. It’s a tribute to their performance in the trials that Peugeot Electric vans will soon be helping Royal Mail to significantly reduce the environmental impact of its delivery fleet.”

Paul Gatti, Royal Mail Fleet Director, said “Our research has shown that electric vans are an excellent operational fit with our business and we are delighted to be ordering such a large volume to use in our daily operations. This is good news for our customers and the towns and cities which we serve. It also means we are on the front foot for future changes in emissions legislation."

“Emissions are an important issue for us at Royal Mail and we are continuously looking at new and innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on air quality. Improving the efficiency of our fleet by introducing electric vans is just one example of this.”

The Partner L2 Electric was launched in February and this is the first major fleet order for the van. Its Lithium-ion battery pack is fitted with the load floor, ensuring there is no loss of load space compared with petrol and diesel-powered Partner L2 models. The Partner L2 Electric will carry a gross payload of 552kg.

Power comes from a compact and highly efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor producing 49kW (67hp) at 4,000rpm and maximum torque of 200Nm. The front wheels are driven by a speed reducer and single ratio gearbox.

Partner Electric drivers in London would be eligible for the Ultra Low Emission Discount (ULED), which provides a 100 percent discount from the London Congestion Charge, an exemption worth up to £2,989 per year. London boroughs such as Hackney also offer a 100 percent discount on parking permits for electric vehicles, resulting in substantial savings each year. In running electric vehicles, all drivers benefit from reduced running costs vs a conventional petrol or diesel car. Lower running costs and lower service maintenance and repair costs add to the financial incentives available, which means that electric motoring can bring about significant savings when considering the total cost of ownership, rather the upfront purchase cost only.


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