Government Introduce Emissions Standards Checker

Towns throughout the UK seek advice on blank air zones that might penalise drivers of older cars.

With the Government’s highest priority now making sure Britain has clean air zones, they are being called on to introduce a simple system where motorists can find out their cars’ emissions standards. As the RAC highlights the lack of public record for emissions standards, a system needs to be put in place to make sure individuals are aware.
The introduction of the London T-Charge came in to operation back in October, which set a precedent for charging motorists based on their cars’ emission standards, with owners of pre-Euro 4 models now forced to pay an additional fee of £10 on top of the Congestion Charge to drive into parts of central London during specific times. With other cities, like Leeds and Birmingham debating on whether to implement a similar scheme as they have committed to introducing Clean Air Zones by 2020.
What system is in place now?
Currently, the RAC says the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have already got “detailed” reports of all cars’ CO2 emission levels and engine sizes, which are linked to Euro standards. Despite this existing system being in place, there is no publicly available tool that exists for determining a car’s Euro level. The RAC also stressed the urgency of a website that allows all UK drivers to find out under which Euro standard their cars are categorised.
Drivers who need to find out 'detailed vehicle emissions information' can use the Vehicle Certification Agency’s (VCA) 'car fuel data’ website. This software doesn't settle for registration numbers, whilst the Transport for London (TFL) T-Charge checker informs drivers whether they will have to pay the T-Charge, but no longer which Euro standard their car meets. ​

Benefits of creating a device?
This device would permit motorists to simply find out if their car meets or is in breach of any attainable long run blank air zones, permitting them to decide if they must take a motion to steer clear of the imaginable consequences.
RAC corporate spokesman Rod Dennis called the placement “unacceptable” and advised the Government it used to be in its “best interests” to make having access to emissions knowledge as easy as possible. 
To conclude, we feel that the future of Britain is going to continue to drive towards becoming as eco-friendly as we can, especially with these new systems coming into place.

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