Does It Cost To Be Considerate?

None of us want to be in a situation where we are anxiously waiting for the police or an ambulance, but are we likely to be waiting longer as more drivers become aware of laws?

It's not uncommon for us, as drivers, to not know what to do when we are driving along and an emergency vehicle comes up behind us out of the blue, lights and siren flashing!

As per usual driving laws, it's vital for you to stay within the remit of the law and to make sure that you are driving in a manner that is safe for both yourself and other road users. 

Drivers of emergency vehicles are aware of the law and should drive to minimise the chance of you being put into a situation where you may make a decision that could get you in trouble, but sometimes due to traffic, roadworks or simply the lay of the land, you might find yourself in an uncomfortable position. 

The advice being given is that you should ensure that you do not drive through red lights, stop in danger zones (such as yellow boxes), mount the kerb, perform emergency stops approaching junctions or enter bus lanes - as just some of the examples of driving manoeuvres we may make that could land us with both a hefty fine AND points on our licence!

In summary... When the blue lights show up in your rearview mirror, don't panic; instead, consider the route of the vehicle and take appropriate action to let it pass, while complying with all traffic signs and the usual legal rules of the road. 


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