How To Complete A Three-Point Turn

Ace your three-point turn!

Nowadays, we all heavily rely on our trusty Sat Nav’s to take us from A – B without the thought of it taking us in the wrong direction. However, sometimes we may misunderstand an instruction given, as by human nature and then have to do a three-point turn.

Many motorists threat as soon as they hear the phrase “three-point turn”, but honestly they aren’t as bad as they appear to be. With some of CarCliq’s quick pointers, we’ll send you in the right direction.

So, let’s take you step-by-step how to complete a three-point turn.

  1. Assess if your surroundings are suitable for you to take a three-point turn. Preferably a wider part of the road, but well away from any nearby junctions, driveways or parked cars.
  2. Then, once safe to do so, pull over to the left-hand kerb and check every mirror to check for any other road users (including your blind spot).
  3. Put on your right indicator before turning your steering wheel 360 degrees to the right, but remember to also keep checking around you.
  4. “Slow and steady” is the best way to complete any manoeuvre, because you have more time to react. So gently accelerate until the front of your car is near the right-hand kerb of the road and brake. The first point.
  5. Again make sure you’re checking every mirror, and slowly turn your steering wheel to full lock, to the left, as you back up towards the side of the road you began on. The second point.
  6. When you feel you have enough space to drive forwards safely, simply stop the car and take another look around you. Then select first gear and begin to move off – it’s important to keep your steering wheel slightly to the right. This will ensure you straight up as quickly as possible when driving down the road. The third point.

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To conclude, when learning how to complete a three-point turn, it can be a daunting experience, especially as a learner driver. Although, it doesn’t have to be! By doing the manoeuvre in a slow and safe manner, this will ensure you have more control of your car. 

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