Dash Cameras

What is the benefit of using a dash camera?

Throughout the years, dash cameras have become increasingly popular as many drivers see it as a “safety blanket” when they’re on the roads. This is because it has the ability to save you from a scammer who slams their brakes on or if someone bumps into you.

We at CarCliq go through what the advantages are of having a dash camera installed, the best cameras to go for and how it can affect your insurance.
What is a dash camera?
A dash camera, formerly known as a dashboard-mounted camera is a device designed to record everything that goes on whilst on your commute – like a GoPro for your car if you will.

They consist usually of either a single or double lens digital camera that mounts via a suction cup to your window or dashboard powered through direct 12-volt wiring to your car, batteries or the cigarette lighter.

As soon as you turn your key in the ignition and start the car, the camera immediately starts recording directly to an SD card in a continuous loop – therefore it’s able to see what you see as a driver. Depending on what camera you have, some can record sound and have night vision, some even have a built-in GPS.
Advantages of dash cameras?
  • First-hand evidence of a car accident.
  • You can report undisciplined drivers.
  • Ideal for driving instructors and anxious parents if their child has just passed.
  • Prevention of fraud.
  • If you love going on road trips, the dashboard camera can capture all the moments and you can cherish those memories forever.
  • New dashboard cameras come with plenty of useful features such as GPS, low battery usage feature, high-tech LCD screen and audible notifications.

What are the best dashboard cameras on the market right now?
  1. Nextbase 612GW - £224.95
  2. BlackVue DR900S-1CH - £399
  3. Philips ADR820 - £139.99
  4. RoadEyes recSMART - £149.90
  5. Voyager Dashboard Camera - £39.99
Can dash cameras affect your insurance premium?
The answer is yes and for the better! If your insurance provider knows that you have a dashboard camera installed in your car, this accounts as an additional safety feature as this can record any accidents you may have. Therefore, you are covered if any fraudulent accidents do occur, as you can use the footage captured by the camera as evidence.

We hope you now understand why dash cameras have become increasingly popular, due to their ability to cover yourself if you are involved in a collision or just for the fun aspect of being able to record your journeys.

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