Cars of 2019 - A Look Ahead

With a new year just beginning there are lots of exciting new cars that we can all look forward to!

We’ll be giving you a low-down of the top 5 cars that have caught our eye:

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Tesla Model 3 – Perhaps one of the most anticipated cars to hit UK roads, the Tesla Model 3 represents an electric vehicle for the masses being a lot more affordable than previous models. Like the Model S and X the Model 3 comes in both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations and boasts long ranges of 260 and 310 miles respectively.


Toyota Supra – 17 years since the last generation the long-awaited 2019 Toyota Supra will be finally uncovered in early January. With previous generations gaining a massive fanbase, especially in the modification scene it will be interesting to see how it is received with petrolheads everywhere eager to find out more!


Hyundai Santa Fe – Hyundai’s new SUV, the Santa Fe lives up to its futuristic styling by being the first production car to make use of fingerprint technology for its entry and ignition systems. Conveniently using these fingerprint profiles various features around the car can also be automatically set for each driver such as seat, mirror and infotainment system configurations with Hyundai hoping to add more functionality with future developments.


McLaren 720s Spider – One of the hottest cars of 2018 gets even more exciting with a folding hard top roof on the upcoming McLaren 720s Spider. With nearly identical performance to the coupe you’ll be able to reach an eye-watering 202mph with the roof down!    


Land Rover Defender – Only recently announced the new Land Rover Defender is currently undergoing testing with a production version expected to debut in late 2019. As with the new Supra the task of replacing a classic icon will be a challenge to meet the high expectations, versatility and cult status of the original Defender!


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