Car Recalls? No Need to Panic!

If your car is recalled there’s no need to panic as we explain all.

During 2018 car manufacturers issued recalls for millions of vehicles worldwide and while they may be alarming and confusing for owners there’s nothing to panic about.


Car recalls can come in two forms; the most uncommon being a “Stop Drive Recall” where affected vehicles should not be driven at all until the fault is fixed and the second being a “Safety Recall” where affected vehicles can still be still be driven until the fault is fixed unless it is of serious safety risk (in which case owners would be contacted).


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When a car has been recalled all of the registered keepers of the make/model of car affected will get a letter from the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) notifying them of the fault with their car, what’s required to fix it, the consequences of the fault not being fixed and the next steps on how the owner should proceed with getting it fixed. As well as the letter of notice and the usual news headlines these car recalls attract another way motorists can check whether their vehicle is affected by an outstanding recall is by using the MOT History checker at:


To remedy any car recall all that owners have to do is to simply contact the local main-brand dealership for their car and arranging with them for a free repair or for replacement parts to fix the fault/defect. Depending on the number of cars affected and the severity of the fault this will usually be a quick process to minimise complaints/publicity and to keep everyone safe on the road.


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