Car Insurance Myths

Let’s leave the fairy tale stories for bedtime.

When it comes to insurance, there are some widely-held beliefs about how you can achieve and search for the best deals to cut the £'s off your final quote.

However, by cutting corners this can invalidate your policy when it could all be for nothing due to the fictional information you’ve heard. Don’t worry! At CarCliq, we’re here to set the story straight.

There are 7 types of car insurance myths we are going to clear and put to bed.

Car Insurance Myth 1: Lower mileage = Cheaper insurance.
Many have concluded with the idea that if you state to your car insurance provider you drive lesser miles than the average motorist, this will lower the premium. However, this isn’t always the case.

Insurance providers may increase the premium, as some may argue that those who don’t drive as often as others on the road have less experience behind the wheel, therefore having a higher likelihood of being in a car accident.

Our advice – be as accurate as you can with your mileage. If you are unsure about how many miles you drive a year, we suggest you look at your MOT documents and compare your miles recorded between the years.

Car Insurance Myth 2: If you park your car in a garage = Lower premium.
A high majority believe that by storing your car in a garage will give you a cheaper premium than if you were to say you park it on your driveway, although in reality, this can dampen your chances.

The reason for this is because you are statistically more likely to knock your car whilst driving into your garage instead of parking it on your drive way – therefore, resulting in a rise in insurance premiums.

Our advice – be honest when applying for your insurance premium when it asks you to state where you are keeping your car both in the day and evening.

Car Insurance Myth 3: Fully comp insurance allows you access to drive any car.
For most motorists, they accumulate the knowledge that having “fully comp” insurance can automatically cover them on any car – however, this doesn’t always apply.

Our advice – whilst some comprehensive insurance policies offer you the option of being able to drive other people’s cars, make sure you read and check your documents before you do so.

Also look for “Driving Other Cars (DOC)” cover, nevertheless it’s worth acknowledging if you do have this on your policy, you’ll only be covered for third party liability. This means it won’t include damage to the car you’re borrowing and you must always seek the owner’s permission first.

Car Insurance Myth 4: Putting your parent’s name on the policy will keep your premium low.
For young drivers getting onto the road can be a very expensive process, from getting the first car to then taxing and insuring in the first year. Many then immediately put down an older or more experienced driver as the main driver to reduce the final quote.

Our advice – Don’t do this! If you put an older or more experienced driver as the main driver, this is called “fronting” which can invalidate your policy and is ILLEGAL.

For more extreme cases, you can be left with the consequence of receiving a fine of up to £5,000 if you’re taken to court and find it difficult to get car insurance again in the future.

In addition, be mindful it is fine to add a parent’s name to your policy as long as they are listed as an additional or secondary driver – which can bring down your premium.

Car Insurance Myth 5: If the accident wasn’t your fault, don’t tell your insurer.
If you were involved in an accident, but you don’t believe it was your fault such as you left your car parked at the time, you may think you don’t have to contact your insurance provider.

Our advice - however, no matter how minor the incident is, it’s important to report any incidents because if you fail to declare relevant details, your provider might cancel your policy and refuse to pay out if you need to make a claim.

Car Insurance Myth 6: Third party policies are the way forward for a low-priced insurance deal.
It’s expected that the lowest level of car insurance will come back with a low cost, but on most occasions, this doesn't come out with the expected result.

Fully comprehensive insurance can, in fact, cost the same or even less than third party cover, with the additional benefit of you also being covered for the damage to your own vehicle.

Our advice – go to an insurance comparison website like Quotezone, which can show you quotes for all levels of covers to see which offers the best suited for you.​​​​​​

Car Insurance Myth 7: Your job title isn’t a considered factor for your final insurance quote, it’s simply just admin.
Don’t be fooled, an insurance provider will take into account your occupation (word-by-word) and it will determine the final price for your premium.

Our advice – if your job title doesn’t accurately reflect your line of work, this can leave you with the risk of any future claims being rejected. Again being honest really is the best policy!

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