Best Intensive Winter Driving Courses

Do you feel nervous driving on the roads this winter?

Winter is calling! So, incomes snow, ice and dark nights. Would you say you have the skills necessary to drive safely on challenging roads? As the statistics rise through the years of inexperienced motorists being in accidents caused by the weather conditions, we feel taking an intensive winter driving course could be the best decision you make.
What is a winter driving course?
A winter driving course can benefit you by combatting the fear of driving during the tough winter months, as well as boost your skills so you know what you're doing. However, not only is this practical, but they are set to be action-packed and thrilling!
Types of driving courses

1. The Skid-Pan Car
Where? Essex.
Price? £109.

The course is set out with a car built onto a super-size trolley, and an instructor sat in the passenger seat fiddling with an innocuous looking box of tricks. During the session, the pace will change unexpectedly as if you were driving in icy conditions, the same scenario would happen if you lost grip on the road.
Within this course, with the safety precautions and mechanisms in the car put in place, it won’t mean you will end up in a ditch or with the car on its roof. You are entitled to as many goes as you like, and eventually, this will enhance your skills needed to ward off potential disasters that could occur.
2. Goodwood’s Extreme Weather Challenge 
Where? Chichester, West Sussex.
Price? £149

Goodwood is known to be the best racing circuit in Britain, in which includes a ‘low grip area’. This is a specially prepared road surface, which is set out to be as slippery to ensure instructors can administer training to help drivers safely learn how to manage emergency situations, such as braking on water or ice, understeering across a road or countering oversteer. You will have 90 minutes to endure this course and it features Mini and BMW cars.
3. Porsche Driving Experience 
Silverstone, Northamptonshire.
Price? £295.

Positioned just the far side of the crash barriers of the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit, the Porsche Experience Centre will hand ‘learner’ drivers the keys to a 911 model and let them choose which areas of the facilities they’d like to mainly focus on. The wet-weather simulator is where you need to go to really build confidence and hone car control. It features water jets that rise from the ground, acting as a slalom which you must neatly navigate while driving on an ultra-low friction surface. Needless to say, the car will end up facing every which way until you get the hang of it.
4. BMW Snow Drift Training 
Solden Skiing Resort, Austria.
Price? £400.

With the majority of BMW’s models being rear-wheel drive, this can be found to be quite different in slippery conditions. Therefore, to help you master how to control a rear-drive car in the snow and ice, BMW uses its M4 and M6 coupes. In the course, the expert tutors show you how to drift in the ice and snow, perfect for these chilling upcoming months.
Here are a just a few of many courses which you could find beneficial when it comes to driving on the icy and slippery road surfaces. Although these may be costly, we believe the cost is truly worth it if it means roads are safer this time of year.
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