Air-Con Regassing

Air-con no longer working as well as it used to?

Nowadays, most modern cars in the automotive market are accustomed with air conditioning, as it’s no longer a luxury feature that it used to be.
Like all things, over time they may not work as well as they should do, the same applies to your air-con system. When you feel that this is happening, don’t worry all can be refreshed. This happens because an air-con system should be regularly maintained, however due to it not being a major component in the car that we do take advantage of, we tend to forget.

Fortunately, it’s neither an expensive or difficult job to keep your air-con working – here at CarCliq, we explain the process of air-con regassing.

What is air-con regassing? This is the process of removing the old refrigerant gas from your air conditioning system and then, replacing it with new refrigerant – therefore, your air-con will run cold again.
This is the first procedure you should undergo as soon as you recognise your air-con isn’t blowing out cold air is air-con regassing, however, if you still feel it hasn’t made a difference, the other option is to take it to a specialist or reputable mechanic to advise you on what the issue may be. It could be possible that your system may have a leak – therefore, it is best to get it checked out as soon as possible.

We advise you to not attempt to do the job yourself, as it’s almost as expensive as paying a specialist to do the job and if anything does go wrong during the process – it could leave you with an expensive repair bill to cover. Furtherly, there are health and safety risks involved in the process if you were to decide to do it yourself; these being if the refrigerant gas makes contact with your skin or eyes, it could cause painful freeze burns.
How often should I get my air-con regassed? Air-con regassing is recommended to be serviced every two years, but many people wait until it’s not blowing cold air.

However, we do advise to do the two-year check, as by having poorly-functioning air-con, it will prove to be more difficult to demist windows in winter and could work the engine harder, forcing you to lose more fuel.

What problems can occur by putting off air-con regassing? Air-con regassing is crucial, as by not doing so it can lead to short-term and eventually long-term severe and expensive problems.
In the short-term, it can cause huge inconvenience, as in the hot weather, it can feel really uncomfortable in the car and when we are in our winter months – it can take longer to demist the windows.

In the long-term, by not regassing your air-con, it can lead to your pipes cracking or different car parts can begin to seize up if it isn’t used.
To conclude, we advise that you regularly check out different components of your car – not only your air-con, but also vital fluids like oil, engine coolant or even screenwash. Although, in the short-term, they may cause little inconvenience, all of which can cause major long-term problems.

We hope you found this guide useful and now feel knowledgeable about air-con regassing.

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